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Fresh Tips to Get More Done in your Freight Brokerage in Less Time

Organize your office space.
There is nothing more paralyzing and unmotivating than clutter.  Not only does it create feelings of doubt, lack of self-confidence and anxiety but it is also really hard to find things.  Take one day a month for a Big Cleaning Day and get rid of the piles.  You have two choices: 1. Place in the correct file if it needs saved or 2. Review it and then trash it.  Take one hour each week (Friday afternoon?) to evaluate your space and adjust as necessary.

Write a to-do list for tomorrow.
The people who love to-do lists and crossing things off are already doing this without a second thought.  It is much harder for the person who writes a to-do list and then either can’t find it in the clutter or works on tasks not on the list.  These business owners often end up with several to-do lists scattered over their desks.  Make a new habit at the end of each day to reflect on what was accomplished, which tasks are priority for the next day, make that list and then focus on accomplishing.  Try offering yourself a small reward for each day that your to-do list tasks are completed.

Use technology.
We all know that new technology is a good thing for efficiency but it can be intimidating and daunting if not understood.  That is why enlisting the help of a reputable freight broker software such as LoadPilot is a great solution.  The best online freight broker management systems will be simple to use and guide you through the steps of moving loads and operating your business.  If you forget to do something (check calls?), the system will remind you.  The online management software will also auto-generate and send forms such as quotes, rate confirmations and invoices with a simple click.  Best of all, a valuable freight broker software will save you the headache of the clutter of paper (see tip #1) by keeping track of shipper and carrier info, profit and loss, agent commissions and much more.  LoadPilot offers a free 30-day test drive to anyone (you do not have to have your authority) so you can test it out and see if it works for you before you invest your hard-earned money.

These tips are easy to Integrate into your business right now. What are you going to do with that extra free time now?  Grow your business? Take up skydiving? The choice is yours, Freight Broker Master.  You got this.

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