Step 1 – Choose Your Plan:

$600 Annually

Ideal For:
This package is for those committed to their business. Get an entire year of LoadPilot® for the same price as just 6-months under the $99 Monthly Plan.

What you get:
All of Loadpilot’s Great Features!
Plus option to cancel your account each year. Pay once a year and forget about it.

What you save:
You Save $49 /Month!
(Compared to $99 monthly plan)

$267 Quarterly

Ideal For:
This package is just right for those still deciding if this business is right for them. This is also good for those unable to afford the $600 Annual Plan.

What you get:
All of Loadpilot’s Great Features!
Plus option to cancel your account every 3 months.

What you save:
You Save $10 /Month!
(Compared to $99 monthly plan)

$99 Monthly

Ideal For:
This package is ideal for those who want more time beyond the 30-Day Test Drive period to experience LoadPilot® before making a final software decision. It’s also a good choice for those who haven’t yet decided if starting their own freight brokering business is right for them. There is no long-term commitment as the account may be cancelled at any time. All FREE 30-Day Test Drive’s convert to the $99 Monthly Package unless the test drive has been cancelled by the end of the trial period.

What you get:
All of Loadpilot’s Great Features!
Plus option to cancel your account at any time.

Agent Accounts

As the broker, you sign up for one LoadPilot® account and add any agents you might have to your account.

Agents may be added when you purchase your LoadPilot Plan or at any later date. Each agent will be given his or her own log-in and password. Your agents will only be able to see their own loads and information and will not have access to your accounting or other secured broker areas.

As the broker, you will have total access to all of your agents’ loads and information. This allows you to easily supervise their work and make any changes.

Sharing the Broker Account

Some people choose to share their primary Broker Account with their Business Partner. Although we don’t recommend doing this, it is possible and can save you money. Most of those doing so are husband and wife teams.

Why it’s not a good idea:

Sharing one account means both parties have complete access to everything, including your Accounting area. Also, there is no way to track who has made changes or who is managing each of your loads. They may accidentally delete things, change your password or cancel your account without your knowledge.

We’ve seen it all, and unfortunately, we can’t help in many of these circumstances. There are also important features that come with Agent accounts that will not be available to you.

Business Partner Accounts

If you have a Business Partner, we recommend setting them up as an Agent and then giving them “Super-Agent” Status.

“Super-Agent” Status

Trusted Agents can be given the ability to do almost everything the Broker can. While regular Agents can only work on their own loads, Super-Agents can work on all the loads in the system, just as the Broker would. In fact, the only thing a Super-Agent can’t do is add/edit other Agents or view the Accounting area.

This set-up is perfect for large Brokerages that want their Agents to just grab loads from a pool the Broker enters. It is also used by many for their Business Partners. There is no extra cost to give an Agent “Super-Agent” Status.

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Perfect for Brokers With Multiple Agents

LoadPilot® is perfect for brokers who have multiple agents. You can add an unlimited number of agents and control everything they do.

There are also checks and balances built in to make sure they follow your processes correctly. You also have the ability to add “Super Agents” to help you manage your business.