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The LoadPilot freight brokering application has been designed by freight brokers for freight brokers. We’ve strived to make it as powerful and easy to use as possible, ensuring that you can get up and running quickly. Below is a list of the most common questions people have. We hope that this information will help you make an informed decision, and give you a better understanding of LoadPilot.

LoadPilot offers a 30 day free test drive to allow you the opportunity to see how LoadPilot works and learn if it’s for you. Your test drive can be cancelled at any time within the 30-day trial with no charge to you. There are no refunds after a charge has been made (except in special circumstances wherein it has been determined a customer has been misbilled.)

Optional “eFax” service allows you to send faxes (such as rate confirmations and invoices) directly from LoadPilot to any fax machine. Each eFax account includes an exclusive 1-800 number for incoming faxes from your customers. The eFax option includes 1000 inbound/outbound, and is charged per-page thereafter. eFax is not included in a standard LoadPilot subscription, but can be added to an account for a nominal fee.

Freight brokers and agents need logistics software to help get more done in less time, staying organized and increasing the bottom line. LoadPilot is a type of online transportation software (also called an online application) that helps manage freight brokering businesses.

Trusted agents can be given the ability to do almost everything the broker can. While regular agents can only work on their own loads, Super-Agents can work on all the loads in the system, just as the broker would. In fact, the only thing a Super-Agent can’t do is add/edit other agents or view the accounting area. This set-up is perfect for large brokerages that want their agents to just grab loads from a pool the broker enters.

No. LoadPilot is an online freight brokering management application, however you can use LoadPilot to send your loads to many leading load boards including GetLoaded, 123Loadboard, and ExpediteLoads.

We want to help you be as productive as possible, so we’ve made LoadPilot as easy to use as possible. Consulting with industry experts while building LoadPilot, we carefully analyzed each and every feature to make it straightforward and simple to understand. It has been designed to walk you through each step of the broking process, checking for errors as you go. This makes it an ideal platform for even the newest freight brokers and agents. LoadPilot double-checks your work throughout and reminds you of information you may have forgotten to enter.

No. As a broker, you sign up for one LoadPilot account, and then you can add your agents to your account. Each agent will be given his or her own log-in and password. Your agents will only be able to see their own loads and information. Of course you (the broker) will have total access to all of your agents’ loads and information. This allows you to easily supervise their work and make any changes.

LoadPilot’s Master Carrier Database™ is a list of tens of thousands of motor carriers from throughout the country. This list is constantly monitored and updated, adding new shippers and weeding out obsolete ones. It is one of the most current and up-to-date carrier lists available anywhere.

LoadPilot was built with security as top priority. We’ve based it on the latest technology using 128 bit encryption and an SSL certificate to protect your data. All of your information is stored in our secure database, which is backed up nightly.

Our computers are stored in a highly secured data center with 24 hour security, redundant fiber optic connections, back-up power generators, and much more. You can rest assured that when you use LoadPilot, your data is completely secure.

LoadPilot subscriptions can be purchased monthly, quarterly or annually. We have several different packages to choose from, so there’s likely one that will fit your budget. Click here for more info.

Very little. You should have a general understanding of the brokering process, but you don’t need to be an expert. LoadPilot has been designed to be very easy for beginners, yet full-featured and powerful enough for even the most seasoned professionals. Each page has a “helpful info box” with easy to understand instructions written in plan English. Also we’ve created short video tutorials that show and verbally explain every feature in LoadPilot. So even if you’re new to the brokering industry, you’ll be able to get up and running fast!

There is no limit, however there is an additional charge for each agent you add. Having more agents helps you to reproduce yourself and be more productive.

While, LoadPilot will work with any modern web browser, it has been optimized for Firefox. This free download can help to dramatically improve your overall LoadPilot experience. Download now…

Yes. LoadPilot is integrated with leading load boards, and we are always working to add more. With just the click of a button, you can send your loads to any of the following load boards. This saves you the time of accessing multiple load boards and re-entering load information.

See Full List of Load Boards We’ve Integrated With.

Yes. LoadPilot includes an accounting ledger to help you keep track of your books. Whenever you complete a new load, LoadPilot automatically adds it into your accounting ledger. Your ledger can easily be exported to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to send the information to your accountant or anywhere you choose.

Yes. The heart of LoadPilot is our Master Carrier Database™. This database contains thousands of motor carriers from throughout the country. Quickly search and find carriers by state, zip code, equipment type, keywords and other important information.

Yes. In order to get you up and running fast, we’ve made short video tutorials that explain every part of LoadPilot. So if there’s something your don’t understand, instead of reading a set of instructions, you can just watch a short video and listen as it explains exactly what you need to do. Everything is in plain English with no fancy jargon or industry speak. Just look, listen and go.

No. LoadPilot will work with any modern web browser, (such as FireFox, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Opera etc). But for the absolute best viewing experience, we highly recommend using FireFox. It is free, and is one of the most advanced web browsers available. Download it at: www.getfirefox.com. It’s free, safe and very easy to use.

No. You can use any computer that has internet access and a modern web browser. You can use a PC, a Mac, a Linux based computer… it doesn’t matter. And since you can work from any computer, that means you can work practically anywhere in the world. And if your computer crashes, there’s no need to worry. All of your data is stored safely on our web site, which is backed up every day. So you can just go to a different computer, access all of your data, and keep on working.

No, that’s the best part of LoadPilot. There is nothing that you have to install on your computer. LoadPilot is software that you subscribe to, not software that you buy. That means you never have to worry about computer problems, installing programs or purchasing updates. We take care of all the technical aspects, so that you can focus on running your business.

Yes and no. The LoadPilot software by itself is not designed to help you find shippers. However, we do offer a giant list of 30,000 shippers that you can purchase separately. The list contains all the contact info you need to help you find new shippers to work with. This list is a “MUST HAVE” for all freight brokers, agents and trucking companies and is sure to boost to your sales.
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Yes. You can work from home, the office, in a coffee shop, at the airport, or anywhere else that you have a computer with access to the internet. And if your computer crashes, you are protected. All of your information is securely stored on our web site, not on the hard drive of your computer.

Yes. The load history page will allow you to quickly and easily find all of the loads that you’ve sent in the past, so you don’t have to rely on your memory! It even allows you to “resend” a past load with just the click of a button.

Yes. LoadPilot is all about making you more productive, so we’ve added a very useful feature called “resend”. If you have a lot of repeat shipments, the resend feature will save you a lot of time. It copies a previous load, and lets you edit the details before sending out again. No more retyping the same thing again and again.

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