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Are you a Visual Learner? Video Tutorials to the Rescue!

Did you know that our video tutorial library is growing with new video demonstrations of common LoadPilot features. Click on the “Help” tab and then choose “Video Tutorials.”
    • How to Get Started (click here: part 1 & part 2)
    • Finding Agent Commissions
    • How to Change Your Password
    • Using DropBox with Approved Carriers
    • How to Attach Files to a Load Using DropBox
    • How to Upload Your Carrier Packet
    • Creating a PDF or Print-out
    • Assigning a Custom ID to a LoadSave Data to an MS Excel Spreadsheet
    • How to Use SuperBroker Mode
    • How to Use and Search Revenue Pages
    • and more!
We’d like to hear from you! What video tutorial topic would you like to see? And for you more experienced LoadPilot users, what videos do you think newer users might find most helpful? Please email your suggestions to info@loadpilot.com. If we use your suggestion, we will enter you in a drawing to win a free month of LP!
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